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A Printed Perspective

Containing Multitudes: a printed perspective is an event that celebrates the unique and diverse voices that print can offer. In a world that is increasingly dominated by digital media, this show reminds us of the raw power and beauty of tangible objects, and the beautiful perspectives they hold for us to discover. Through stunning prints, risograph animations, zine sales, and refreshments, we showcase the incredible talent and vision of artists who use print as a medium of artistic communication.

Containing Multitudes is more than just a celebration of print - it's a recognition of the importance of traditional and alternative printing processes, how they can challenge modern models of communication and create new, vibrant color profiles that awaken diverse views of the world around us.

Here is an opportunity to explore the magic of print and rediscover the wonder of storytelling through tangible objects. It's a celebration of the beauty of the imperfect and a revelation of the textures and details that can only be found in the tangible world.

Containing Multitudes is a chance to connect with a community of artists and thinkers who share a passion for telling stories through dot patterns, pages, and printed forms.