About the Artist

From the artists website

"What is it all about?

Cosmodernism is my personal intermedia art project that came to life in 2019 in Katowice, Poland. It incorporates both broadly defined abstract video art and photography, as well as original sound design and experimental and performative activities. The main idea of the project is to search for the personal abstract expression by exploring micro and macro observation in combination with specially composed soundscapes of my own production. As the building blocks of my films I often use various kinds of chemicals, dyes, objects, interesting reactions, both from the world of chemistry and physics.

For the creation and observation of my compositions, I use a microscope and other precision optics in combination with a camera, which I use to capture images in various kinds of original micro film sets, based on self-made mechanisms and lighting systems. I try to continuously search for methods of observation that are new to me and that will give me wider capabilities to enjoy and capture the world at the microscale and beyond.

Since I don't have any scientific background, my actions are based mainly on intuition, empirical experience and the trial-and-error method - which I see as an essential part of my project. Although many of the shots you see in my portfolio appear to be computer-generated, they were not created using CGI and digital techniques. These are all real objects in an unreal perspective. Science fiction but without the fiction.

Microchemical retrofuturism."